Friday, August 6, 2010

Target Donated to Prop 8, Helped Remove Marriage Rights from Gay Citizens of California

In case those participating in the Target boycott haven’t seen this update: Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel issued an apology yesterday for the donation to rabidly anti-gay politician Tom Emmer, with a promise to review the corporation’s donation policies.

Meanwhile, it comes out that Target donated to the prop 8 cause—to the organized movement to remove the right of marriage from gay citizens in California.  To repeat: a corporation centered in Minnesota gave money to an initiative to repeal the right of marriage in another state.

A corporation that sells what-nots, a business with no business legislating morality anywhere in the world, went out of its way to kick the gay citizens of California in the teeth.  Knowing that it has a huge customer base in the gay community.

Something’s really wrong with this picture.  At the very least, it confirms Randi Reitan’s judgment that the corporate culture of Target has taken a turn to the homophobic right under the leadership of Steinhafel.  Steinhafel and his wife are both huge contributors to Minnesota right-wing lunatic representative Michelle Bachmann.

I’m now absolutely certain that the little fellow who called to insult me from Target’s corporate headquarters this past winter was acting out of that corporate culture of homophobia.  My own Target boycott began then.

P.S. The Boycott Target Facebook page’s count this morning: right at 46,000.