Thursday, March 22, 2018

Quote for the Day: Fred Clark on How "Evangelical Christianity Is Turning into 8chan"

At his Slacktivist site today, Fred Clark reports on the decision of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University to make a biographical film about "firefighter prophet" Mark Taylor. As Kyle Mantyla explains at Right Wing Watch, Taylor is a former firefighter who states that as he was watching Fox News, God told him Donald Trump would become president, but only after President Obama had served a second term and built "righteous anger" among God's people that would lead to Trump's election. 

Police Shooting of Stephon Clark and Exoneration of Mark Anthony Conditt: Two Stories We Need to Read Side by Side

There are two stories here. These stories unfolded more or less simultaneously in the past several days. We need to read these stories side by side. They are two stories that are part of one story.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Austin Serial Bomber Mark Anthony Conditt, a Quiet Home-Schooled White Evangelical Boy from a "Loving" and "Good Family"

Here's a photo of the family of Austin, Texas, serial bomber Mark Anthony Conditt, from Instagram by way of this Daily Mail article.* "Just a 'neighborhood kid' from a good family," a neighbor states. Neighbors also indicate (the last link to a Houston Chronicle article by Keri Blakinger, Samantha Ketterer, and Alejandra Matos is again my source for this information) that the family hosted "large religious gatherings" at its home on Sundays, in the house in which it home-schooled all its children:

Friday, March 16, 2018

National Student Walkout Against Gun Violence: Arkansas Students Receive Corporal Punishment for Walkout

As a footnote to what I've posted in the past few days about the National School Walkout, I thought I'd tell you about what happened at a school in Greenbrier, Arkansas, when several students walked out to show their solidarity with students across the country protesting gun violence: the students were paddled by school officials for taking part in the walkout. The mother of one of these students, Jerusalem Greer, an Episcopal lay minister, posted about this on Twitter, and her tweet (it's at the head of this posting) has gone viral. 

More on Catholic Schools and National Walkout: "Unfortunately, Some of the Sponsors of the National School Walkout Advocate for Positions That Are Contrary to the Church’s Teachings"

I'm grateful to Betty and Sarasi for pointing me to additional news coverage of how Catholic schools responded to the National School Walkout protesting gun violence and advocating for gun control as a solution to gun violence. Betty points us to an article in National Catholic Reporter which suggests that there was wide buy-in among Catholic schools nationwide supporting the walkout. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hate Has a Field Day This Lenten Week in American Catholicism, As Anti-LGBTQ Catholic Hate Group Church Militant Gloats

The viciously anti-LGBTQ Catholic hate group Church Militant is having a good week, isn't it? Yesterday, Father James Martin issued a public report on Facebook about how this Catholic hate group, Church Militant, has issued a gloating report regarding something that has happened to the well-known Catholic musician Dan Schutte. The report states that Schutte has had a concert moved from Catholic premises in Kansas City, due to a "backlash" because Schutte is believed to be gay. Father Martin links the gloating report from the Catholic anti-LGBTQ hate group Church Militant, if you want to see it.