Wednesday, November 30, 2016

White Christian Voters Place in Office Adminstration Planning to Cut Healthcare Coverage of Millions: Pro-Life?

Some bona fide pro-life discussion of government safety-net programs providing healthcare coverage from the last two days, which I can easily share by cutting and pasting, even with a finger I'm babying:

Moira Weigel on How the Right Invented Phantom Enemy of Political Correctness and Gave Us Trump (with Complicity of "Liberal" Elites)

Moira Weigel in The Guardian on how the right invented the phantom enemy of "political correctness," how leading U.S. intellectuals representing "liberal" elites have colluded with this project, and how it has given us Trump:

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanks for Comments — Kitchen Accident Will Make Me Slow to Respond

A note to tell you all how much I appreciate your comments in the last day or so — and to explain why I will be slow to answer them. I had a little kitchen accident yesterday and am typing very slowly and a bit painfully today, trying to avoid the hurt finger, which continues to ooze blood as I type. So (frabjous day for you!) I'll shut up and not say much today, perhaps for another day or so, until the finger has begun to heal a bit. Enjoy talking together, and please feel free to keep doing so without my butting in.

The vintage Band-Aid ad is online at many sites; I do not have definite information about its original source.

Monday, November 28, 2016

How Right Robert P. Jones Turns Out to Be: "Obama Presidency Provided a Unique Focal Point for Many White Christian Voters"

Back in late July, when I began a report for you (in a series of postings) about Robert P. Jones' book The End of White Christian America, I wrote, 

"Work, for the Night Is Coming": More Commentary on Who Elected Trump and Why They Did So (and What We Can Now Expect from White Churches)

"Work, for the night is coming," I was taught to sing in the white evangelical church that nurtured my faith as a child (Anna Walker Coghill wrote the words of the hymn in 1854, and Lowell Mason put them to music a decade later). The night is soon to be on us — brought to us by 8 in 10 white evangelicals, 6 in 10 white Catholics, and 3 in 5 Mormons.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Resources on the "Identity Politics" Discussion: "When the Alt-Left Says 'Identity Politics,' What They Actually Mean Is 'Civil Rights'"

As Dean Barker says in retweeting Yashar's tweet above, "Economic anxiety."

Friday, November 25, 2016

"One Wonders If These People Are People at All": Catholic Pro-Life Response?

Grace Wilson, "CNN Segment on Anti-Semite Sparks Backlash"

One wonders if these people are people at all: thus white nationalist Richard Spencer in a speech at the National Policy Institute in D.C. last Saturday in the Ronald Reagan Federal Building a few blocks from the White House. It was in this speech that Spencer shouted, "Hail Trump!," eliciting Nazi salutes among those in attendance, as he lambasted the Lügenpresse, the Nazi word for the "lying press" that sought to expose Hitler. 

Readers Ask: How Do We Live in a World or Church with No Connection to Evil? My Response: I'm Saying, "No More. Not in My Name Any Longer"

Neil Gabler, "And So It Begins: Normalizing the Election"*

Thank you all for your responses to my last posting. Since they're directed to me personally, for the most part, I do intend to respond to each one by commenting in that thread. In the meantime, I appreciate Sister Lea's good question, which gives me the opportunity to make clear some points my statement about repudiating my Catholic ties may not have made clear: you say, Sister Lea, 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I Repudiate My Catholic Connection: I Want No Connection to a Group of People Who Have Just Helped Set into Motion Great Evil

In late September, before the election of Donald Trump to the highest office in the U.S., John Pavlovitz announced that we need to hold a funeral for Christianity in the U.S., for the following reason: 

Monday, November 21, 2016

What "Pro-Life" White Christian Voters Have Brought Us: Shouts of "Heil the People!" As National Registry of Muslims Is Mulled Over

This is my own running chronicle of what's rapidly unfolding, from just the past several days. You probably have your own tally going, too. It behooves us to be paying attention. God in heaven knows, the "pro-life" Christians and the "liberal" Catholic or other Christian journals who give the work of those "pro-life" Christians high profiles are not going to be keeping us informed about all of this. Despite their professed commitment to upholding the sanctity of life, they seem, in fact, oblivious to it and even jubilant that they have scored a "pro-life" victory in electing Donald Trump:

81 Percent of White Evangelicals Who Elected Trump, and the (Totally Non Pro-Life) Legacy of the White Evangelical Church in Racial Violence in the American South

Katherine Stewart, "Eighty-One Percent of White Evangelicals Voted for Donald Trump. Why?"

May 1927: my mother was nearly five years old, living 25 miles south of Little Rock. In that year and month, the last lynching (up to today, that is — who knows what the future holds for us now?) occurred in my hometown of Little Rock.

As Trump Presidency Is Normalized in Mainstream and Religious Media, Attempts Underway to Sanitize White Evangelical, White Catholic, Mormon Vote for Trump

The attempt to normalize Donald Trump and his presidency is well underway, and anyone following the trajectory of the mainstream (and religious) media in this country from the Reagan period forward could have foreseen this. To its great shame, National Catholic Reporter published an article last week by one of its leading "pro-life" writers attacking those protesting Trump's election, noting that the Dow is up, and claiming that we're seeing a "peaceful transition of power" with Trump — even as incidents of violent speech or acts directed against members of minority communities proliferate all over the nation. To my knowledge, NCR has yet to publish any statement at all about those incidents of violence. It's as if, for "pro-life" Catholics applauding the "peaceful transition of power," those being targeted simply do not exist — not as fellow human beings whose human lives must count in any credible rendition of a pro-life ethic.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thanking You for Your Comments

You all may have noticed I have not been able to keep up with thanking you for and responding to comments here in the past few days. As always, I so much appreciate your comments and hope you won't think my lack of a response is due to my lack of gratitude. My email inbox and Facebook page have been inundated with comments following the election, and I'm having the dickens of a time trying to keep up with all of those comments and emails and comments here. I am very glad to see you talking among yourselves. Please know I'm reading even when I don't reply — and that I appreciate you!

"Have to Confess That I Only Now Understand How Purely Cruel My Fellow Christians Are": Commentary on White Christians' Support of Trump

More documentation for you of a very dark time that is rapidly unfolding in front of our eyes — which demands documentation on a day-by-day basis due to the rapidity of what's now happening:

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Not Normal: Klan Marches Celebrating Presidential Election, White Supremacist Anti-Semite Named Top Advisor, Hate Pouring Out Across the Nation

On Moral Trump Cards and Moral Blindness: "Pro-Life" Voters and the Election of Trump

Leah Mickens, commenting here a few moments ago:

The abortion issue has become a way for Catholics to not have to deal with the real world.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Nightmare That Is a Trump Presidency: What We Can Expect to Hear from U.S. Catholic "Liberal" Intellectuals Now

I posted this Facebook message to my Facebook family and friends two days ago. I'd like to build on it here this morning.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

As White U.S. Christians Go to Church Today . . . .

Lauren Markoe at Religion News Service 

Another scrapbook item (above) to show the next generation when they ask (and they will ask: they have a right and obligation to do so), "Where were you and what did you do when Donald Trump rose to power?" and "Why did white Christians choose a man so eminently unqualified for the presidency, whose election released a torrent of hateful incidents directed at minorities?"

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Quote for Day: "Deny Them That 'We' — That Vast and Inclusive Plural"

How do we fight back now? Fred Clark's suggestion, as a white evangelical Christian who moves against the pro-Trump tide of his white evangelical community: Deny them the use of the word "we" to describe all of us:

Media Now Begin Noticing Outpouring of Acts of Hate and Violence Against Minorities After Trump Election: "People from All Types of Communities" Targeted

Sadly, the documenting continues, and becomes ever more difficult, because the acts of hatred unleashed by this election are proliferating and spreading rapidly, all over the nation, so that not even the media, which enabled Trump's rise to power, can pretend they are not occurring. As Lily Workneh writes today in the Huffington Post article to which the headline above links, "Countless Acts of Hate Have Been Carried Out Since Trump's Win":

Friday, November 11, 2016

More on Role of White Evangelicals, White Catholics, and Mormons in Electing Donald Trump: White Apocalypse (Inflicted on Targeted Minority Communities)

More important documentation about who has brought us the horror show of violent acts and violent speaks that has begun following Trump's election:

"All This and More, in Just 36 hours, at the Time of Writing, in Trumpland": Our Moral Obligation to Document Outpouring of Hate Speech and Hateful Acts in Trump's New America

And then there's this for you to consider: testimony, I call it. It's documentation of what's happening right before our eyes, in just two days, brought to us by white Christians in the U.S. What do we intend to do about it, the more than half of the nation who did not choose this? Will we stand by in silence? Will we be duped by the calls for "healing" issued by influential media gurus representing the very churches (white evangelical, Catholic, Mormon) who are inflicting these grave wounds on our social order? Can we do anything to change any of this, now that fewer than half of us chose, under the guidance of white Christian leaders, to place the nation entirely in the hands of the political party Mr. Trump represents? 

Reports from Every Corner of the Nation of Verbal or Physical Attacks on Members of Vulnerable Minority Communities: What the White Christian Vote Has Wrought

John Pavlovitz, "White Christians Who Voted for Donald Trump: Fix This. Now."

Look, I don't know if I'm doing much good flapping my lips here. The problems we are facing as a human community (and, in the U.S., as a nation, are enormous), and the lip-flapping doesn't seem to help much when all is said and done. I don't, and most of the people who read this blog and respond to it don't, have the power within the institutions of our society to make a real dent, to change much at all.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tweets Begin Documenting the Hate and Hurt, As It Starts Pouring Forth Around the Nation

Again, not blogging — just documenting, as the hate and hurt begin pouring out around the country, in a way very reminiscent of what happened in Germany in the 1930s: these is just a handful of tweets this morning about what's happening now in various places in the U.S.

Deborah Jian Lee: "Trump Preached Xenophobia, Racism, Sexism, Islamophobia, Homophobia . . . and the Whole Evangelical Base Said 'Amen'"

From Carol Kuruvilla, "After Trump's Win, White Evangelical Christians Face a Reckoning"

Who Put Trump in the White House? White People Overwhelmingly — Evangelical Ones, Catholic Ones, Mormon Ones

Not really blogging: but, though I am trying to avoid the news and blogging, I find it impossible to stop reading and thinking. And these are some statements to which I wanted to draw your attention, in case you have not seen them, about who put Donald Trump into the White House (and gave the future of the nation into the hands of the Republican party in a decisive way), and why they have done so.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Remembering Kristallnacht, 9 November 1938: Reminder from Frances DeBernardo of New Ways Ministry

Awaking to the Nightmare: "Strength of Populist Nationalism in the West Is Reaching a Turning Point" (and White American Christians Are Marching Lockstep with the Movement)

After a sleepless night last night (I expect I'm far from the only person who can say that), I had decided I would not even look at the news this morning. I literally cannot stomach it. My stomach is in knots and was in knots through the night.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Reader Writes: "THE Key Question of This Campaign: Mr Trump, Who Is Welcome in Your America?"

What Pr Chris/CalSailor said yesterday in a comment here is just so right to the point — and so right — that I want to lift his comment out of its thread and share it with you all today:

Monday, November 7, 2016

On the Demonic Potential of the "Pro-Life" Movement in the U.S.: See the Pro-Trump Stunt Father Frank Pavone Has Just Pulled

This article by Sarah Pulliam Bailey is now circulating on social media sites on the eve of the election: it opens,

Pope Francis This Week: "All Walls Fall. All of Them." Pope Francis Last Week: The Ban on Women's Ordination Is A Last Word, Forever.

Good. Wonderful. Yes.

But does Pope Francis listen to his own words? 

"Hillary Wants to Kill Babies": Lazy, Immoral Shorthand for "I Prefer the Misogynistic, Racist, Xenophobic, Homophobic Candidate Because He's 'Pro-Life' "

Patricia Maguire, president of Trinity Washington University, a Catholic university in D.C., writes

What is most surprising about the PRRI poll results is not that Catholic women favor Clinton, but that so many Catholic men favor Trump.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Addendum for Your Scrapbook: Report of Someone Walking Out of Mass Today as Priest Tries to Nudge Parishioners to Trump

The tweet above was just tweeted by Catholic Democrats. If you click on the tweet to which Catholic Democrats is responding, you see that that tweeter, CrazyScientist899, lives in East Hanover, NJ. Here's his tweet to which Catholic Democrats is responding:

More for the Scrapbook, When Next Generation Asks, "What Did You Do as Trump Vied for the Presidency?" Snapshots on Eve of Election

More for your scrapbook, to bring out when the next generation asks (and they will and should ask), "Where were you when Donald Trump rose to power? What were you doing? How did you respond? What was happening in our nation?" Many of the following tidbits are snapshots of who we are and what we're doing on the eve of a monumentally important election in the U.S. — perfect scrapbook items for that reason:

Washington Post editorializes

WHEN THE republic was in danger, where did you stand? History will ask that question of Republican leaders who knew that Donald Trump was unfit to be commander in chief.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Carmen Celistini on Wikileaks' October Surprise: Attempt to Smear Hillary Clinton with Charges of Witchcraft

Carmen Celestini situates Wikileaks' October surprise — the attempt to smear Hillary Clinton with charges of witchcraft by misrepresenting an email about Podesta and a Spirit Dinner — within a broader current of "improvisational conspiracies" that have energized right-wing Christian voters for years now:

"What Did You Do as Trump Rose to Power?" Items for Your Scrapbook, When Subsequent Generations Ask About Race, Gender, and Christian Blindness

Psst — you know those little matters called race and gender that you won't be hearing anything of in your churches tomorrow as you're instructed about forming your consciences before you cast your vote? You know, those picayune little matters you won't be hearing about in sermons because your pastors are too preoccupied with real sins like women falling in love and marrying each other, or spirit-cooking horrors involving blood, semen, and urine, and mythical "partial-birth" abortions to pay attention to piddling little moral nothings like racism and misogyny.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Election Nears, and Charges Emerge That Hillary Clinton and Her Advisors Dabble in Satanic Rituals Using Semen, Blood, and Urine: Why?

Within days of a monumentally important U.S. election, Twitter is now blazing with comments about "spirit cooking" — about allegations that Hillary Clinton and her chief campaign advisors practice Satanic rituals involving liminal substances, semen, blood, and urine. This meme is being planted and hyped, of course, by the alt-right, and quite deliberately so.

Reader Writes: Father Martin's Bridge-Building Proposal Can Be Carried Forward by Lay Catholic Allies of LGBTQ Community

I'd like to draw your attention today to a conversation I consider valuable, which many of you readers may miss if you don't read threads following blog postings. In response to my questions about Father James Martin's bridge-building proposal several days ago, Janet Hanson posted some thought-provoking reflections that center on the need of allies of LGBTQ people within Catholic communities to engage in action to assist with the bridge-building project Father Martin proposes.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tweets on Eve of Historic U.S. Election: "Will Always Be Remembered as the Presidential Election in Which the KKK, the KGB and the FBI All Supported the Same Candidate"

The Twittersphere is on fire today, with one zingy tweet after another commenting on American political life (and culture) on the eve* of a monumentally important election. To save you the trouble of weeding through tweets, I'm sharing some I've noticed today. And liked, admittedly, because of their wry humor, something I see myself in desperate need of on the eve of said monumentally important election. Here goes:

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

NCR Readers Respond to Father James Martin's Bridge-Building Proposal: "Talk About False Equivalences!!"

At National Catholic Reporter, Brian Roewe provides a summary of Father James Martin's commentary as he received New Ways Ministry's Bridge Building award several days ago. Several comments readers have made in response to Father Martin's proposal for two-way bridge-building between the LGBTQ community and the Catholic hierarchy stand out for me, since they parallel points I made in my response to the proposal:

Anthea Butler on Disarray Under Evangelical Umbrella Due to Trump

A valuable footnote to our discussion yesterday of Fred Clark's take on the shenanigans of those trying to rescue the white evangelical brand from Trumpism: in that posting, I cited a series of tweets by Anthea Butler in which she asserts that "for American Evangelicalism, Trump has severed and destroyed their message, movement, and future." Yesterday, The Guardian published an essay by Anthea Butler in which she develops this assertion.

Michael Moore: Men, Your "10,000-Year Reign Is Over"; Pope Francis: Female Catholic Priests Never Happening — Two Headlines Worth a Thousand Words

When I woke in the wee hours of the morning and scanned the news before trying to catch a few more hours of sleep, Huffington Post had these two articles juxtaposed on its main page — the first is at the head of the posting, Michael Moore warning men that our "10,000-year reign" is over.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Jonathan Chait on GOP Long Game with Trump: "Long Historical Denouement of a Party That Has Come to See American Democracy as Rigged"

What's the long game of the Republican party with advancing Donald Trump as a presidential candidate, and in standing behind him? Jonathan Chait's valuable assessment:

"Stark Split Between White and Latino Catholics" in Current Election Cycle Noted Again

Lauren Markoe writes, noting the PRRI-Catholic University of America media event yesterday to which I pointed you in the last two days, 

Fred Clark on Shenanigans of Those Trying to Rescue White Evangelical Brand from Trumpism

With impeccable evangelical cred, Fred Clark cries foul on the attempt of some leading white evangelical commentators right now to try to rescue the white evangelical brand from Trumpism, and to maintain that evangelicals are more diverse than the some seven in ten white evangelicals voting for the Donald: