Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mexican Cardinal on Gay Adoption: Would You Want To be Adopted by a Pair of Faggots?

Would you want to be adopted by a pair of faggots?

Those words came recently from the mouth of a prince of the Roman Catholic church, Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez, archbishop of Guadalajara.  They came from the mouth of the follower of Jesus whose picture is at the head of this posting.

For readers who may not want to slog through a lengthy posting, I'm pointing them out here, with a note that I discuss them in the essay I've just posted on putting homophobia on trial in the prop 8 case.  If you'd like to read more about this topic, please see the end of the piece I've just posted. 

Things are getting uglier in Catholic-land, as gay and lesbian persons achieve full human rights and full human status in more and more nations around the world.  And they will only get uglier in days to come, I predict, even when the raw, hateful prejudice is wrapped up in rhetoric masquerading as sweet reason and light, full of professed (and pretend?) compassion for a group of marginalized human beings that some Catholics appear intent on keeping firmly out of the social mainstream.

And as I write these words, words of Dan Savage to various hateful bigots echo in my ears: "And after you utter those filthy words about another human being, you intend to go home and pray to Jesus tonight with that mouth?"