Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DNA Tests Prove Hitler Had Jewish Blood: We Hate What We Fear in Ourselves

DNA samples provided by living male relatives of Adolph Hitler demonstrate that the race-obsessed Führer, who wanted to rid Aryan Germans of the "poisons" of Jewish blood, was himself both Jewish and African.

We hate and fear the stiigmatized otherness that is closest to ourselves--the stigmatized otherness that is often carried right in our own hearts and own bloodstreams.  It is no accident that the nastiest homophobes, those who preach loudly about the danger of "poisonous" gender theories that muddle the line between men and women, so frequently turn out to be twisted closet cases themselves.

They have projected their own inner psychological drama onto others.  And when these men  (and their female acolytes) have power to sway many innocent others as they work out their own fear and loathing, the damage they may do to many others can be considerable.

Pope Benedict, please take note: your rhetoric to African Christians about ideological poisons has roots within German history and culture that demonstrate maleficent consequences.  Better, perhaps, to draw from deeper wells of Catholic belief as you offer something of value to contemporary culture: better to focus on mercy, justice, and love, and on the call to heal the world rather than making its pain deeper.  Hitler's tragic story suggests that sometimes those accusing others of introducing poisons into a culture's bloodstream are the very ones injecting the poison--which bears bitter fruit in acts of violence against targeted minorities.