Saturday, August 14, 2010

Evangelical Pastor Jimi Jobin on Christian Crusade vs. Gays: "Never Before Have I Seen Such Hate Surround the Desire to Love"

Evangelical pastor Jimi Jobin of Nevada, writing at Religion Dispatches about the extensive involvement of followers of Christ in the attempt to deny the right of marriage to gay persons, and to stigmatize, demean, and devalue their gay brothers and sisters:

Finally, as a person who sees The Bible as God's infallible, inspired word, and Jesus Christ as the incarnate and enigmatic Son of God, I cannot abide any effort to dismiss, devalue, or defeat the weak, lonely, and overlooked. Homosexual men and women may find honor in Hollywood and New York, but in the rest of the country they are social lepers- abused, unloved, and often targets of bigotry and unprovoked hatred. A Christian needn't endorse a person's lifestyle to feel sorrow for their plight, nor do they honor God by wielding the sword of the State in the name of Jesus.