Sunday, August 29, 2010

Comments Section of Blog

Dear Readers,

A good friend and faithful reader of the blog has emailed to let me know the comments section of the blog disappeared yesterday when I revamped the look of the blog.

I hadn't realized that the comments feature disappeared with the renovation.  I apologize for the loss of that feature, and will work today to remedy it.

Right now, headed off to church to hear Rev. Jeremiah Wright preach, so I can't attend to that matter immediately.  But I will definitely do so upon my return.  Meanwhile, sorry for this hiatus in the comments feature, and I hope you're all having a good weekend.  I do hope I can somehow retrieve all the lost comments on past postings!

Later in the day: I think I now have the comments working again, and I apologize for the hiatus.  If anybody experiences problems commenting now, could you please email me (my address is given at the profile tab for this blog) and let me know?  Re: comments: since the last spate of heavy attack threads, I've added a feature that permits me to review comments before they are published on the site.  I've done this simply to have a degree of control over outright, unhelpful attacks on me as the blog-keeper, or on others commenting here.  I have never censored any comments on this blog.  I have in one case and one only blocked a blogger who refused to adhere to my request that he stop the constant personal attacks on others and on me.  

If you sometimes experience a gap between posting your comment and seeing it pop up on the blog, the reason is that I have not yet seen a notice that you've posted and that the comment requires my approval.  Thanks for your understanding.

Later, later the same day: a reader has pointed out to me that the comments on the blog prior to today's changeover of template haven't migrated along with the new template.  I have contacted Disqus for help with that problem, and hope to have a solution for that problem soon.  Thanks, all of you, both for your patience and for helping me spot bugs that have come along with the change in template.