Saturday, August 21, 2010

James Zogby Calls for Strong Voices Vs. Islamophobic Hate: Where Are the Voices of U.S. Church Leaders?

Re: the hateful current of Islamophobia now surging through the U.S., James Zogby writes,

Fear is back, with a vengeance. It rules the street and we have every right to be concerned. What is needed now are strong voices speaking again to our better selves. Voices that will speak directly to the Gingrichs, Palins, Cornyns, Becks, and Kings and say "Shame. Your bigoted appeals to fear and intolerance disgrace us all and put our country at risk in the world. In the name of all that is good, stop before it is too late."

Powerful words.  And absolutely correct.

And as the leaders of one of our political parties gin up hate and violence for their party's political gain, targeting vulnerable, innocent people, where are the voices of the leaders of our faith communities?

Mr. Gingrich is an influential Catholic.  Why are the bishops of his and my Catholic community, which claims to defend human rights and to deplore violence and scapegoating of minority groups, remaining silent?

Their silence is deafening.  And profoundly troubling.