Wednesday, August 18, 2010

People of Faith Speak Out: Stop Demonization of Islamic People in Ground-Zero Controversy

And, as a good counterpoint to what I posted today about the silence of the official spokespersons for several religious groups re: the "ground-zero mosque" controversy, I want to mention an article I'm just now seeing at National Catholic Reporter.  The article, jointly composed by Religion News Service and NCR staff, notes that more than forty religious leaders have issued a statement condemning the attempt to demonize Muslims and supporting the right of the Islamic community to construct a community center near the ground-zero site.

The statement specifically singles out Newt Gingrich, who has, these religious leaders suggest, "cast this debate in a way that demonizes all Muslims and exploits fear to divide Americans," and Sarah Palin, who characterizes the intent to build the Cordoba center as a "provocation."  The NCR article notes that the full statement is online at the Faith in Public Life website.

Kudos to the these prophetic people of faith from diverse religious traditions who crafted and signed this statement, and who give voice to what is at the core of all world religions--love, compassion, justice, and mercy.

The graphic is a photo by Tiffany at the Hampton Roads website.