Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Prop 8 Declared Unconstitutional!

Wonderful news.  The losing side has already filed notice of appeal.  This will be a long legislative battle, I'm certain.  And we can't rest on the mountaintop.

But we can and should celebrate this victory.  It indicates that our democracy is marching, inexorably so, towards the extension of full human rights to LGBT persons--belatedly so, shamefully late, but still moving in the direction indicated by our foundational documents.

So I'm hoping readers of this blog are celebrating this evening, as we plan to do with a bowl of vegetable soup and a salad full of fresh garden produce.  I haven't forgotten my promise to blog about fried okra.  That posting is coming.  My brother, who has been away, is back in town for a few days, and I'm trying to juggle daily blogging with time with him, and work on two other interesting projects that have fallen into my lap.