Saturday, August 14, 2010

David Sirota: An Ascendant National Progressive Uprising in Democratic Party

David Sirota at Salon, on the demise of the corporation-controlled beltway elite of the Democratic party:

Yes, this is why Obama's spokesman, Robert Gibbs, so vociferously berated the progressive movement on the eve of Colorado's primary, and why DNC power brokers moved so forcefully against [Andrew] Romanoff. He was the latest candidate to represent what those elites know to be an ascendant national progressive uprising inside the Democratic Party — one that keenly understands money’s corrosive effects on public policy and that, therefore, rejects the Beltway’s corporatist model.

Seeing that this uprising threatens their power and their D.C. worldview, these elites are desperate to preserve Dark Helmet’s principle — so desperate, in fact, they have resorted to employing Obama’s presidential campaign infrastructure to prop up more conservative candidates against progressive challengers in intra-party battles.