Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"He Ate with Outcasts" Poster Project: Good News from Margaret Puckette

To those of you interested in obtaining a poster copy of Margaret Puckette's magnificent painting, "He Ate with Outcasts," good news! I've had a very gracious reply from Margaret, who tells me she does own the copyright to the painting (and another note of thanks to Chris Morley for suggesting this might be the case). 

And she very kindly allows me to replicate the image as a poster for those who want it. As I mentioned the last time I posted about this, based on our conversations with a printer who will make the poster from a digital image, I expect the cost to be about $30 (U.S.), which includes the cost of a mailer and of postage. This allows me to recoup my expenses with no profit.

Margaret's going to send me an official letter that I can provide to the printer so he can have it on file. Meanwhile, if those of you wanting a poster could let me know about that by email, I'd appreciate it. I'll need your mailing address, if you don't mind providing it.

You can email me by clicking the contact link at my profile page here. And, for your records, my email address is wdlindsy @ swbell.net.

I'm deeply grateful to Margaret Puckette, and recommend her to anyone considering art work. I also learn from Margaret's email that, since I met her on my sabbatical in Oregon in 1989, she's obtained a master's degree in environmental policy, and has been working with real "outcasts," as she puts it--with youth and families in poverty.

A first-rate human being and first-rate artist. Please keep her in mind if you're looking for art work.

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