Thursday, May 2, 2013

Alan McCornick on Marriage Equality and Moral Arc of History: Light Getting in Folks' Eyes

At his wry and wildly informative Hepzibah site, Alan McCornick traces the moral arc to which the current movement to recognize the full humanity of gay folks is now pointing, vis-a-vis marriage equality:

Delaware, Minnesota, Illinois and Nevada are all talking about same-sex marriage rights.  No telling who will get there first and how long it will take the stragglers, but the momentum is unmistakable.   The GOP sees the writing on the wall and one Republican congressman after another is switching sides.  The conservatives in Britain and the socialists in France are both leading the charge.  From mighty world power France to little Rhody, people are coming to recognize the evil that has been done in the name of fear and organized religion, and they are now increasing the pace to put things right.   It feels good to be able to see positive change like this.

I love what Alan makes of the fact that, after the recent vote in the French parliament, several hard-right opponents of marriage equality who accidentally voted for it later said that the light had gotten into their eyes.

And had confused them. 

The graphic is a photo of curved light by Richard Michie published by the BBC. I am not seeing copyright guidelines at the BBC site that prohibit its use on a blog, but if any reader knows of such guidelines, please tell me and I'll choose another illustration.

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