Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fred Clark: Liberals Again Undermining Authority of the Bible

Along with Fred Clark, I'm shocked--shocked, I tell you!--that liberals keep ignoring the clear testimony of God's word in the Holy Bible and keep trying to erode the meaning of the biblical text in the American public square:

Once again, those progressive, mainline Protestant and liberal Jewish types are teaming up with the Obama White House to defy clear biblical teaching.
In explicit denial of the authority of scripture, these postmodern, anything-goes folks are calling for a “Global Fund to Eradicate Modern-Day Slavery.” 
God is not mocked. If we turn our backs on the absolute truth of scripture and deny the authority of its clear teaching on the traditional institution of slavery, then we no longer have any basis for morality, meaning, truth or virtue. We lose our foundation, our anchor, and we are adrift. We become godless nihilists, or we set ourselves up as God. 
This is how it always begins. People claim that their idea of morality should replace what the Bible tells us. They start out by attacking a God-given institution blessed by scripture and eventually they wind up calling for the abolition of all Ten Commandments. 
It’s no coincidence, after all, that the same people seeking to “eradicate” slavery also deny that thy neighbor’s wife is his property. No wonder these people don’t want to see the Ten Commandments posted in our courtrooms. They hate the Word of God. 
This is how things started in Germany. But where are the modern-day Bonhoeffers who will stand up against this anti-biblical crusade? Unless Christians take a bold stand in defense of clear biblical teaching, this will lead to the end of the Christian nation the Founding Fathers envisioned.

Oh. You thought I was going to talk about the gay thing? (Meanwhile--again Fred Clark--isn't the thought of right-wing sounding-gong blowhard Pat Buchanan getting out on the front lines as a martyr for "traditional" marriage, in a non-existent bloody persecution of "Christians" in the U.S., more than a little bit ironic? About as absurd as the ludicrous claim of the former head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Cardinal Francis George after Illinois passed a law permitting same-sex civil unions that bishops will soon be martyred in the public square for defending "traditional" marriage.

Something tells me the only martyrdom these powerful men know anything about is in nice picture books dusted daily by their [female] housekeepers and brought to them to read as they wolf down the meals produced by those housekeepers' martyred hands.]

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