Sunday, May 5, 2013

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage: Bishop Tobin and the Lonely Corner into Which the American Bishops Are Painting Themselves

One of the good droppings in the Catholic birdcage from the preceding week: Tony Adams's stellar response to Bishop Tobin's stinky "pastoral" letter to Rhode Island Catholics after marriage equality came to that state:

The only good thing about Tobin's nasty missive is that it shines a brighter light on the lonely corner into which the American bishops are painting themselves. Having offended Catholic women over reproductive rights, and having forced the gay clergy to embrace secret shame, and having threatened politicians with excommunication, and having scared the hell out of children because of their sheltering of sex offenders, and having pulled the rug out from under the elderly by trashing the beauty of their liturgy, and having used a ruler on the knuckles of good American nuns, who is left who will follow these malevolent bishops?

Tony is responding to Peter Montgomery's excellent statement about Tobin's letter at Religion Dispatches.

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