Monday, May 6, 2013

"A Tipster" Reports Suspected Gay Man, Timothy Nelson, to Eau Claire Catholic School, and Job Offer Is Rescinded

Am I the only person in the world who notices (and wonders about) the following pattern?

1. Someone sends an anonymous letter to Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre, NY, informing him that Nicholas Coppola, who is involved in multiple ministries in his Catholic parish, is a homosexual who refuses to hide and be silent, and has married his partner in a civil marriage. Coppola is removed from all ministries.

2. Someone sends an anonymous letter to officials of the Columbus, OH, Catholic diocese reporting that a Catholic school teacher, Carla Hale, had included her partner's name in Hale's mother's obituary, and Hale is fired.

3. Now "a tipster" has informed officials of Regis Catholic high school in Eau Claire, WI, that the obituary of the father of Timothy Nelson more than two years ago included the name of another man in parentheses beside that of Nelson. And Nelson finds that the job offer Regis had made to him has vanished, though he says he's not gay, the other man was his roommate, and Nelson's mother wanted his name included in the obituary because he's a family friend.

Someone aka "a tipster" seems extraordinarily busy in American Catholicism these days, no? And all over the place, from NY, to OH, to WI.

Who is someone, I wonder?

And what kind of church that has any vital connection to Jesus and the gospels conducts its business by giving attention to poison letters from morally filthy anonymous tipsters who pore over obituaries, for God's sake, to determine who belongs to God's faithful and who's outside the circle of salvation?

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