Monday, May 6, 2013

Colleen Baker on Dirty Freddie Trying to Attend Mass: No Dirty Gays Allowed, but Dirty Priests and Bishops . . . .

At the same time I was writing about how Dirty Freddie got "welcomed" (not!) to Mass yesterday at Cardinal Dolan's cathedral, it turns out Colleen Baker was also writing about it at her Enlightened Catholicism site--something I've just learned from a comment Colleen left here. As Colleen points out, it took ten police folks to deal with this "threat" from a group of ten Catholics trying to attend Mass?!

And then she says,

If I had any doubts that Cardinal Dolan was a walking, talking, joking, smiling, bundle of personal insecurity, I don't any longer.  He strikes back like any other bundle of insecurity we usually call a bully.  Dirty Freddy indeed.

And she asks,

Why is it that Opus Dei Bishops like Kansas City's Finn and Newark's Myers are never disciplined when they egregiously violate not only the Dallas Charter, but secular law?  Why don't they have to wash their figuratively dirty hands?  Why isn't Cardinal Dolan demanding these men wash their dirty hands?  I can only come to the conclusion that at his childhood table the dirty Freddies may have had to wash their hands, but that rule didn't apply to dirty priests.  There is no other conclusion to draw. 

On my source for the graphic, please see my posting earlier today about this same story. 

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