Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dolan Speaks: Violence Against Some Homosexuals in New York Awful

A footnote to my several postings (here and here) noting Cardinal Dolan's absolute silence about the murder of Mark Carson and the spate of violent assaults on gay folks in New York City recently: at the New Civil Rights Project, David Badash reports that Dolan made the following statement yesterday on the Catholic Channel of SiriusXM Radio:

You look at even the violence in our own city with some homosexuals who have recently been beaten and killed. I mean that’s just awful, that flies in the face of divine justice. Every human life deserves dignity and respect, right? Anytime life is attacked we all suffer.

And I suppose that's a start, though as Badash points out, it was all of 19 seconds. And it was an aside in a radio interview not likely to have been heard by the millions of American Catholics who look to His Eminence for pastoral guidance as president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. And not likely to be heard by the brother bishops he leads, for that matter, since this aside in a radio interview has no authoritative force as a statement His Eminence is making on behalf of the USCCB, as its president.

The link to Sirius that David Badash provides doesn't point to Dolan's particular interview, by the way. I believe Dolan must have made these remarks on his Tuesday afternoon interview with Sirius, about which you'll find information on the page to which the link above points.

About that page: the very first link in this posting points to a recent statement I made about Dolan's silence, up to then, re: Mark Carson's murder. In that posting, I like to something I wrote on this blog more than a year ago which maintains that the top leaders of the Catholic church are in the process, at this point in history, of rebranding Catholicism as a "privileged enclave for heterosexual males."

Notice anything about the Catholic Channel brand, as indicated by the photo at the top of their SiriusXM page?

The graphic, a street shrine set up to commemorate the murder of Mark Carson, is from this article by Zack Ford at Think Progress, crediting Joe. My. God

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