Monday, May 20, 2013

"He Ate with Outcasts": Another Update on Poster Project

I want to update those of you interested in obtaining a poster copy of the painting, "He Ate with Outcasts," which I've discussed here previously. Before his surgery, Steve made some very good digital images of the painting, and took these to the printshop he uses to do pieces of work for him.

It appears that the printshop can produce a poster copy (20" x 24") of the painting for about $25, and with mailing tubes and postage figured into the total price, we think the cost of a poster should be around $30. I haven't mentioned any of this on the blog up to now, because I'm still waiting for information from the artist who painted the picture, Margaret Puckette, about who owns the copyright.

As Chris Morley had pointed out here when we discussed this project, an artist may still own the copyright to a work of art after she has sold it. I've written Margaret and am hoping she'll respond to my letter soon, so that I can let any of you interested in obtaining a copy know the final details.

As I've mentioned, I don't want to make any profit on this project. The costs I'm citing above are what the printshop is telling us it will cost to replicate the painting in poster form, with our estimated costs for mailing the posters to you. I'll try to obtain the most specific quotes possible on costs when I've heard from Margaret (as I hope I will) and know who owns the copyright to the painting.

Thanks for your patience with this matter, as I try to obtain information. I'm certainly grateful to Steve for making good digital images and dealing with the printshop about this.

P.S. I wouldn't want you to think that the shadows and wrinkles in the background of this picture will show up in the poster. The printshop has run a test copy for us, and they've removed the entire background. The poster has only the painting itself against a totally white background. I'd post that image, but I don't have it in digital form.

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