Tuesday, November 22, 2011

UC Davis Story Continues to Unfold, after Pepper-Spraying

A few updates on the story at UC Davis, following the pepper-spraying of student demonstrators last week: Chancellor Linda Katehi continues to hold her ground and is refusing to resign, stating that the university needs her.  But a petition at Change.org calling for Katehi's resignation is rapidly gaining numerous signatures, and students have reconstructed the encampment site that the university police had sought to disperse last week.  And through their Occupy UC Davis Facebook page, they continue to organize demonstrations, including (unless I'm misreading the page) an upcoming strike a week from yesterday.

I suspect this is a story whose end we haven't seen yet--not by any means.  It will be very interesting to see how Chancellor Katehi handles the growing and now very widespread demands for her to step down.  The problem, of course, with the kinds of salaries top administrators in higher education are now paid, is not so much that the university needs them, as that they need the university.

To keep paying their salaries.

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