Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bill Scher Is Thankful Conservatives No Longer Pretending

Here's what Bill Scher is thankful for this Thanksgiving season: 

What am I thankful for this year? I am thankful the conservative movement has stopped trying to pretend to be something that they are not. 
Instead of masquerading as "compassionate conservatives" who want "clear skies," "personal retirement accounts," protect Medicare" and "tax relief" for all, today's conservative just lays it on the table:
Tax the poor. Deregulate the rich. Drill Baby Drill. Filibuster the jobs bills. And to hell with Social Security and Medicare.

I'm thankful along with Bill Scher that we can stop pretending now.  We can stop pretending that these folks have ever been about anything else than this, that the American neo-conservative movement has ever been about defending morality at all.  That it has ever been about anything but assuring that the rich become richer and have fewer obligations to the common good.

And challenge that philosophy of the entitlement of the super-rich, as the Occupy protesters are now seeking to do, and you can expect, as Naomi Wolf notes at Common Dreams yesterday, to have the stuffing knocked out of you by an orchestrated campaign of suppression that emanates from the top levels of the economic elite now completely dominating the political machine of government throughout the U.S.

The graphic is from Beth Duff-Brown's article about the Occupy Thanksgiving movement at Salon, with credits to AP.

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