Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Limbaugh Mocks Herman Cain Accuser

Speaking of empty sound and fury propped up by money and power, is it possible to get any more disgusting than Rush Limbaugh is in this clip in which he makes fun of Herman Cain's latest accuser Sharon Bialek?  The disdain of the big boys of the political and religious right for women is almost palpable.  It's like a greasy cloud of stench that surrounds them everywhere they go, which one can reach out and touch, if one doesn't mind a smear of grease coating one's hand.

And why?  Where do the fear and disdain come from?  Do the Limbaughs of the world truly imagine that the Sharon Bialeks or Anita Hills or any other woman in the world has any real chance at unseating them from their unearned power seats?  Or is their ultimate fear a fear of being exposed for the emptiness they really are, inside?

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