Monday, November 21, 2011

Benedict XVI as Liberation Theologian?: "We Catholics" Aren't Buying It

Thank you, William Horan, TomC, John Church, Karen52, and many other respondents who join me in objecting to John Allen's recent attempt to present Benedict XVI as an advocate of liberation theology--when, as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine for the Faith, Cardinal Ratzinger effectively dismantled the liberation theology movement.  Ratzinger punished and silenced one liberation theologian after another.  

And now John Allen wants to depict him as a liberation theologian!?  Spin and more spin, as Karen says.  And whitewash works only until rain and mold come along to show it for the insufficient covering it is, as TomC notes. I particularly like William Horan's insistence that if we want people to believe what we teach, we need to PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH.  When we do not practice justice in our own internal life as a church, we can hardly proclaim justice to the world.

And that was the point of my own contribution to this good thread which demonstrates once again that "we Catholics" don't by any means believe the balderdash some of the NCR talking-head big boys want to keep putting into our mouths.

As TomC aptly says, "Please don't insult our intelligence."  We Catholics, a few of us, have sounder heads on our shoulders than some of the talking heads appear to imagine.

P.S. Just now seeing Colleen Baker's excellent analysis of John Allen's attempt squeeze a bit of lemonade out of lemons, vis-a-vis this article, at her Enlightened Catholicism site.

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