Thursday, November 10, 2011

Commentary on Significance of Tuesday Elections in U.S.: A Selection of Articles

Commentary on the voting results of Tuesday's elections that I find interesting:

Re: Mississippi voters' rejection of the fertilized-egg personhood amendment, the religious right thinks the devil made them do it.

At Huffington Post, Amanda Terkel summarizes a case being made by many commentators: overall, the vote was a rout for the tea party and a win for progressives.

E.H. Dionne at Commonweal articulates a sentiment also being expressed on various blogs and at many media sites: Tuesday's vote represents widespread voter rejection of GOP overreach.

For ongoing discussion of Dionne's overreach thesis by Commonweal contributors, see this thread started by Grant Gallicho at the journal's blog site.

For a countervailing viewpoint, see Karl Frisch's statement about the election results, which notes that what beltway pundits are calling GOP "overreach" represents where the GOP really is right now and what the GOP stands for at present.

And this is perhaps not unrelated to the election results, and may even be related to Rick Perry's beyond-disastrous performance in the latest Republican debates: Tim Murphy thinks our children is still not learning in Texas.

And if the troubling response of some Penn State students to the firing of Joe Paterno is any indicator, our children is apparently not learning in many places in the U.S. 

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