Saturday, November 19, 2011

Penn State's Catholic-Like Scandal: Christopher Brauchli Reports

At Common Dreams, Christopher Brauchli compares the Penn State scandal to the Catholic one in an article entitled "The Coach and the Pope."'  He finds similarities between the two sex-abuse scandals: "Happy Valley is a lot like the Vatican except that football is its religion."

But he also finds dissimilarities: 

Although there are many similarities between the church and Penn State there is one significant difference. The era of sexual abuse of children at Penn State has almost certainly come to an end. That cannot be said for the Church.

And I suspect he's very right, to the shame of my church's leaders.  The claim of some groups of men that they are ontologically superior to everyone else in the human race is a deeply corrupting claim, which hollows out those men who keep pushing it, blinding them to their own often significant moral shortcomings even as they belabor the perceived moral shortcomings of their supposed inferiors.

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