Saturday, November 5, 2011

Through My Most Grievous Fault: Correction to Previous Posting about Bishop Gumbleton

I'm posting this as a separate note to complement what I posted earlier today about Bishop Gumbleton and his disciplining by the Vatican.  I wanted to post this addendum as a free-standing posting rather than a footnote to my previous one, so that any reader who read the first posting and mistakenly thought (as I myself did) that Gumbleton had just been re-disciplined by the Vatican after he was removed from his parish in 2007 would have correct information.

Though I had known Gumbleton was disciplined by the Vatican in 2007, I mistakenly read the NCR article to which I linked in my previous posting to indicate that there had been another--a recent--action by the Vatican against Gumbleton.  I now realize that the article was stating that Gumbleton has only now revealed all the details of the 2007 removal from his parish.  He did so at a session sponsored by SNAP at the Call to Action conference yesterday.  

I apologize for the confusion I created for readers through the mistake in my previous posting, and wanted readers to have correct information.  I now understand the first article (and the chronology of what the Vatican did to Gumbleton) better after having read Zoe Ryan's subsequent report about this at NCR today.

I've corrected the previous posting so that any future readers won't be led astray by my misinformation.  But I also want to alert those who have already read the posting and may not re-read it and see my correction to my mistaken assumption in the previous piece.

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