Monday, April 8, 2013

Headline: Elderly Gentleman Mauled by Gang of "Catholic" Street Punks

Well, that was quite an evening, wasn't it? Headline:

Elderly Gentleman Mauled by Gang of "Catholic" Street Punks: In shocking news last evening, an elderly gentleman out for a quiet stroll found himself attacked by a group of analphabetic youths wearing masks and shouting "Catholic" hate slogans. The youths carried signs reading, "Heritic!" and "As Jesus says, Hate the sin, love the sinner." After the groups had knocked their elderly victim to the ground, they ran away shouting that he was a coward and did not know the truth.
The elderly man, who had just turned 63, has a Ph.D. and has authored a number of books, reports that he passed a bad night due to the unexpected attack, but he feels rather sorry for the young attackers. It's clear to him that they did not learn basic civility and humanity from their own elders, let alone how to read and write. He says he'll pray for his attackers even as he seeks legal recourse to prevent their mounting such attacks on others in the future.

P.S. Just so that no one misunderstands that this posting is my half-jocular (but also very serious) way of dealing with what went on at this blog site yesterday, please note that the preceding news report is a spoof processing events I discussed in my last two postings, here and here.

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