Friday, April 5, 2013

Continuing Problems with Ads at Bilgrimage

Dear Readers,

A number of you have told me about a problem you're experiencing lately here, in which pop-up ads obscure the text on this site. I'm not seeing these ads, since I have ad-blocking software.

I appreciate your telling me about the problem, and I can assure you that I've been working hard to solve it. I've reported it to Blogger, put a query about the problem out on the help forum at Blogger, and worked with a computer tech problem to try to ascertain what's wrong.

Thus far, nothing I've been trying has resolved the problem--but I am convinced, particularly due to what the tech person has told me from his own diagnostics, that there's no problem in the site that can affect your computer. I do understand that the pop-ups are an annoyance, and I'm sorry they have suddenly appeared at this site of late, due to reasons I cannot understand, since I have made no changes to the site at all.

My tech advisor does have one more suggestion for me, and I've been hesitating to use it, for fear I may lose material already on the site if I apply it. Thank you all for your patience with this problem. Please know I'm concerned, and am trying to resolve it. I'll give you a report as I continue to deal with the issue, and especially if it's resolved.

P.S. Please do feel free to post comments here or email me to tell me if you find any problems at all on the site. I'm very happy to receive these reports, and I always take them seriously and act on them.

Later in the day: Please note the good suggestions of John Bijarney and Normandyso in the thread that follows. Chris Morley also left a comment in the thread following the Boff posting, since Gay Priests had noted the ad block problem in that thread.

The specific suggestions:

1. John says he gets the pop-up ads and then simply does a page back operation, and the ads are gone.

2. Both Normandyso and Chris point out that there's freeware online to add an ad-blocking feature to your specific web browser. As I've mentioned, I've long since installed AdBlock in my own browser, and so I don't even see ads on various sites.

3. I'll see if I can figure out how to implement Chris's other suggestion about blocking any specific ads folks report popping up at my site. But what Tim says about the fact that this problem is also occurring at his Following the Voice Within blog makes me wonder if it's--just as Tim says--a problem coming from some changes Blogger itself has made.

I'll keep working on this problem and keep you posted. Meanwhile, my sincere apologies that this is happening to some folks who log on here.

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