Sunday, April 7, 2013

Catholic Mama Responds to Me: You're Pretending to Be Catholic (Oh, and Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!)

And then there's this (this is a footnote to what I just posted):

As I was dealing with the excrement that a gang of my fellow Catholics chose to hurl at me at the NCR site in the past several days, I logged into my email this morning to discover that a blogger calling herself "Catholic Mama" had logged into one of my previous postings last evening to inform me that she "whole heartedly" disagrees that a majority of American Catholics support gay rights. 

And that it's a sin to vote for someone who supports gay marriage, and I'm not a real Catholic. Since her Disqus username connects to her Twitter account, I clicked on her Twitter feed and found she'd also posted at Twitter, "Check my comments to the person pretending to be Catholic Bilgrimage: Catholics Promoting Marriage Equality."

And, yes, I did reply to her, and should perhaps have known better than to do so. Because that got these folks in on the act to tell me that their God is all about judging others and yes they do love when they judge sinners! While Catholic Mama announces that today is Divine Mercy Sunday . . . .

But you know what else I'm more than a little bit tired of? I'm tired of sitting by in silence while ill-informed, downright stupid, unreflective and unthoughtful representatives of my Christian faith posture as experts on matters about which they know nothing at all, and claim that they have the moral high road even as they try to dehumanize others and inform targeted others that God wants no part of them. I'm tired of holding my tongue and letting these people be the face of my faith community in the world in which I live today.

So I choose to talk back, knowing what I'll stir up even as I do so.

What I'll stir up even on Divine Mercy Sunday . . . .

Lord, have mercy!

Later: Sorry for the kerfuffle, folks, and the hate messages. I've placed them all in a spam file, since this attack is coming from a group of people who decided to light on this blog last night and start issuing hateful spam messages as a group. This is behavior I don't intend to tolerate, since it undermines the kind of productive conversation I intend to invite on this blog. I have no doubt at all that others in this hate group that misapplies the word Christian to itself will be doing more of this spamming for a while, and I will try to stay on top of removing their hate messages--particularly as some of the posters like Mr. Haines now switch usernames and begin posting under new usernames, something I doubt seriously Disqus would appreciate blocked users from doing if I'm pushed to the point that I have to report this behavior to Disqus.

Thank you all, very much, indeed, for your kindness and support. Since these bullying group attacks are aimed at me personally, I appreciate you!

P.S. For a footnote to this posting discussing the simultaneous attack these very same folks made on the Catholic Democrats Twitter page today, please see this follow-up posting.

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