Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The "Violence" LGBT Human Beings Are Inflicting on Society: New Zealand Passes Marriage Equality, and Spectators Sing Love Song

And the video above provides an example of the kind of "violence" that the gays are bringing to societies around the world as they seek the right of civil marriage--the right to enjoy the same privileges and rights afforded to their heterosexual brothers and sisters. This is the New Zealand parliament voting through a marriage equality bill. At about the 1.20 mark, the spectators break into song, singing the Maori love song "Pokarekare Ana."

Some violence. Some violence, this legislative vote followed by this beautiful love song, to elicit this real violence that any bishops worth their salt ought to be condemning rather than the phony violence they pretend to find in movements according human rights to human beings too long denied rights.

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