Sunday, April 7, 2013

Footnote to the Catholic Mama and Vericast Imbroglio: Take a Look at What They've Been Doing to Catholic Democrats

A quick p.s. re: the attacks that Catholic Mama and the Vericast group decided to mount against this site today:

In case you're interested in seeing how they work in tandem as a group to attack other Catholic sites they don't like, look at the Twitter feed of the group Catholic Democrats in the last day or so.

As you'll see when you visit this site, the very same duo of Catholic Mama (@LizzyBC) and Vericast have been doing the very same thing to the Catholic Democrats group that they've chosen to do to this site today. Note that Catholic Democrats ended up having to block these folks just as I ended up having to do, because they were repeatedly abusive in their messages to Catholic Democrats--as they have been to me, calling me a liar, an imbecile, a coward, etc.

Accidental that they heaped abuse on me at my Bilgrimage site at the same time they also attacked Catholic Democrats? I doubt it. Though as Catholic Mama's Twitter username tells us, she doesn't even live in the U.S., but in British Columbia, and so what her interest in attacking Catholic Democrats in the U.S. and announcing that American Catholics don't support gay rights (as she did in her first posting here on my site) is remains mysterious to me . . . .

Somehow that message about the kinder and gentler, more pastoral and loving, church we've been hearing about with the new pope seems not to be filtering down to some folks. Or perhaps it's the very fact that their truer and purer church in which only a tiny elite (aka themselves) are real Catholics appears more and more embattled with a new pope who doesn't seem to share that vision that has them up in arms?

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