Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"He Ate with Outcasts": Brief Update on Poster Project, for Readers Interested in It

Both Mike McShea and Coolmom asked me in comments responding to my posting about Cardinal Dolan's "Dirty Freddie" story re: gay folks whether I might consider turning the Margaret Puckette painting "He Ate with Outcasts" into a poster that Bilgrimage readers could perhaps buy. I replied yesterday to Mike and Coolmom to say I hadn't thought of this, but would certainly consider the idea.

And I want now to give anyone interested in this project a brief update: when it comes to projects like this, my spouse Steve is far more astute than I am. I discussed the idea with him yesterday, and he tells me he thinks it's certainly doable.

He had already offered to make a much better photograph of Margaret's painting. He also went yesterday to the print shop that has done good work in producing booklets of family pictures Steve has compiled for his relatives. The print shop tells him they can certainly produce a poster.

There would apparently be two options. One would be to make a glossy poster, and the other a matte finish or a flat finish of some sort. It appears the former would be more expensive. The expense would depend, of course, on the size of poster produced.

If any of you interested in the project have thoughts about the size of poster you'd like, the finish you'd like, etc., please let me know by comments here or by emailing me. I'm happy to work with Steve on this project. I'd want to produce something that would meet your needs, and to charge only what the production process and mailing cost.

I'll also keep readers updated if I learn more about this--and I welcome your own ideas about the project.

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