Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Advice of Young Churchgoer to Churches: "Help Us Find Love in the Church Before We Look for it Outside"

The advice of a young Christian woman in South Dakota, Dannika Nash, to churches that keep scratching their heads and wondering why 70% of 23-to-30-year-olds are walking away from churches now:

But I want you to have some serious conversations with God, your friends that disagree with you, and maybe even some gay people, Christians or not, before you decide that this one view is worth marginalizing my generation. Weigh those politics against what you’re giving up: us. We want to stay in your churches, we want to hear about your Jesus, but it’s hard to hear about love from a God who doesn’t love our gay friends (and we all have gay friends). Help us find love in the church before we look for it outside.

I'm indebted to Fred Clark at his Slacktivist site for the link to Dannika Nash's blog.

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