Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New York Times on NOM's "Poisonous Political Approach" (and Other Commentary)

Commentary continues about the hidden face that the National Organization for Marriage has just shown the world through the documents released in Maine recently.  As the New York Times says in an editorial statement today, NOM persists in asking permission to flout laws requiring full disclosure of its donors because it claims to be a social service organization.  But the documents released last week show beyond a shadow of a doubt that the organization is political to its core.

As the Times also notes, the very day after these documents hit the news, with their ugly talk about fanning flames of hostility between stigmatized minority groups, Republican House speaker (and Catholic) John Boehner appointed NOM's co-founder and chairman emeritus (and Catholic) Robert George to a federal commission dealing with religious intolerance and extremism around the world.  Though NOM claims to be a powerless, marginal faith-based group victimized by bullying gay folks . . . . 

The Times editorial calls on Messrs. Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich to dissociate themselves from this organization and its "poisonous political approach," now that the latter is out in the open.  In the case of Romney, this call is imperative because of the secret, well-hidden donation of $10,000 he gave to the organization in 2008.  Romney's donation was given to help NOM strip gay citizens of California of the civil right of marriage.

More commentary from the past week or so:

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