Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage: Catholic Bishops Should Hire Most Aggressive Lawyers They Can Buy

My latest smelly dropping from the Catholic birdcage comes from Dr. William Donohue of the Catholic League, who recently wrote,   

When the Times is sued, does it hire wimpy lawyers? Does it allow itself to be a punching bag? Not on your life: they hire the most aggressive attorneys they can buy. But when the bishops follow suit, they’re accused of not showing "reconciliation" for the victims.

Except that the editors of the New York Times don't claim to represent Jesus in the world--as the leaders of the Catholic church do claim about themselves.  And with claims to stand in the place of Jesus in a unique and unilateral way in both church and world . . . .

Thanks to Bill White for publishing Donohue's quote in an essay describing how Catholic officials are now seeking to cripple SNAP by playing legal hardball games.  White writes,  "The whole thing reeks of an organized attempt to cripple a powerful voice for change in the way the church has been dealing with this horrible problem."

And he's correct.

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