Monday, April 23, 2012

If You Read the Posting re: Jesus and the Church: Notice of Errors

For readers who may have read my posting yesterday about Jesus and the church: once again, that dratted auto-correct feature made some embarrassing changes in the text, and I wanted to make you aware of one of them, since the word it substituted yesterday made no sense at all:

In the paragraph beginning, "In my view, the Catholic church is living through such a moment . . . ," I had used the Greek word skandalon to refer to the way in which the behavior of the current pastoral leaders of the Catholic church has become a stumbling block for many of us, as we seek to retain vital and redemptive connection to Jesus.

The auto-correct feature changed the word to standalone.  I actually saw it make that change, and corrected it, but when I re-read the posting this morning, I saw that it had "corrected" itself back to standalone.  This correction of words I have told auto-correct not to correct has happened before in some postings, so I have to wonder if the feature can still "correct" text after one has finalized it.

I apologize for the bizarre error.  If I knew how to turn the blasted thing off, I'd definitely do so.  I've searched for instructions, to no avail.  In recent weeks, it has made the following ludicrous "corrections"

Look became ooh.

Try showed up as grey.

Figure appeared as future.

Link turned into oink.

Reason shifted to resin.

Certain migrated to curtain.

Customs transformed into customers.

Together read as totter.

Tasty jumped into tatty.

Digging decided to become did ding.

And central announced itself as entrap.

I do make mistakes aplenty on my own, and I found several when I re-read the Jesus and the church posting today.  But some of the more ludicrous ones you may be spotting are due to the determination of the auto-correct mistress to change my prose, which aims at being tasty, into tatty renditions that don't oink to anything I thought I had written. 

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