Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Gay Teen in U.S. Kills Himself Due to Bullying: R.I.P, Kenneth James Weishuhn

In what I just posted, I once again noted the monomaniacal (and morally indefensible) preoccupation of centrist Catholics who continue to run interference for the morally indefensible U.S. Catholic bishops with pre-born human life to the exclusion of many post-birth human lives.  And their absolute silence about what the bishops have done and continue to do their brothers and sisters who happen to be gay.

I have found it almost impossible to blog about the following story from last week.  These stories have begun to sicken me so much that I almost feel in blogging about them, I collude in making them appear thinkable and acceptable because they have now become so commonplace.

Recently, yet another gay teen in the U.S. committed suicide after he was subjected to bullying and harassment when he identified himself as gay.  This high-school freshman's name was Kenneth James Weishuhn of Sioux City, Iowa.  

Yesterday, Kenneth's hometown newspaper in Sioux City published a full-page front-page article about the suicide, noting that "warnings were everywhere" regarding Kenneth's bullying, and that the local community in Sioux City needs to commit itself to being proactive in preventing the death of any other teen bullied mercilessly because of her/his sexual orientation or perceived gender questioning.  At Common Dreams, Abby Zimet offered a set of resources to commemorate Kenneth Weishuhn on the day of his funeral.

I'm beyond tired of reading these headlines.

And as the Vatican orders the "reform" of American nuns, with the accusation that religious women have become too gay-affirming, I do not forget--I refuse to forget--that the U.S. Catholic bishops, under the leadership of the warm and charming Cardinal Timothy Dolan have said NOT ONE word about the epidemic of gay teen suicide due to bullying in the U.S.

To their absolute disgrace as moral leaders who expect to be taken seriously.  And to the absolute disgrace of their centrist Catholic apologists who keep asking us to see the bishops as the best thing going for the poor, the weak, and the vulnerable.

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