Friday, April 13, 2012

New "Religious Freedom" Battle Cry from USCCB, Bully Bill Lets Loose about the Lesbians

This item is also end-of-week Catholic news, but I wanted to highlight it by posting this information apart from the news roundup items I just posted:

At the Commonweal blog site, Mollie Wilson O'Reilly notes that His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan of the USCCB and his eminence Dr. William A. Donohue of the Catholic League continue to be as thick as thieves. Well, no, she doesn't write that, precisely.  

O'Reilly points out that after Donohue recently bragged to the media that he had insider knowledge confirming that the U.S. bishops are beating up on SNAP in collusion with each other, she thought to herself that surely the bishops would now do all they could to distance themselves from the gloating, mean-spirited Donohue.  (Again, my terms, the latter qualifiers, not O'Reilly's.)

But, glory be to God, didn't Himself Cardinal Dolan follow Dr. Donohue's boasts within a week by linking to a posting at Donohue's Catholic League site, and calling it a "report" on SNAP!  Himself, Cardinal Dolan, who has written about Dr. Donohue, O'Reilly points out, the following glowing blather,

I am glad to express my encouragement for the work he does.  Keep at it, Bill! We need you!

Exclamation points in original text!

And so, since "we" need Dr. Donohue, isn't it interesting that he has spent much time in recent weeks, O'Reilly asks, using his Catholic League twitter feed to attack lesbian Rachel Maddow and lesbian Adrienne Rich and now, in the middle of the politically fueled controversy about Hilary Rosen's remarks vis-a-vis Ann Romney, lesbian Hilary Rosen.

Lesbian in original text, multiple times!!

If His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan be the hand and his eminence Dr. William A. Donohue be the glove, then what does the glove's behavior say about the character of the hand?  Inquiring minds--including, I suspect, lesbian!! ones--want to know.

What does it say about "us," since "we" need Dr. Donohue, that we allow a man with this tongue and these views to represent himself as the voice of "us" American Catholics?

Another connection I'd want to bring to the surface: isn't it interesting that, on the very day the U.S. bishops, who are led by His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan, issued yet another of their war cries about religious freedom (they're now calling for big Catholic [Republican] political rallies this summer to protest the encroachment on "our" religious liberty), his eminence Dr. Donohue lets loose with the pro-Republican, anti-lesbian invective against Hilary Rosen?

It's almost as if it's all coordinated, isn't it?  And all highly, and cynically, and irreligiously politically partisan to the max . . . .

(Here's Commonweal's editorial take on the latest USCCB war cry about "religious freedom.")

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