Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Andrew Sullivan on Bishop Jenky's "Dyspeptic Eruption" about Catholic Religious Freedom Under Attack

Bishop Daniel Jenky

Andrew Sullivan on the absurd claims of Bishop Daniel Jenky (about which I blogged in my first posting today) that Catholics are under radical attack by the Obama administration: 

What it actually is is a dyspeptic eruption from an all-male "celibate" hierarchy about the loss of its power over its employees, Catholic and non-Catholic. And it is a terribly depressing sign that the Catholic hierarchy, like much of the evangelical leadership, is now in danger of becoming a front for one political party.   

It might do Michael Sean Winters a world of good to read Sullivan and others on the real world the USCCB and American Catholics inhabit, before he issues another embarrassing defense of the bishops' "magnificent" statements on behalf of the poor.

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