Friday, April 15, 2011

Bully Bill's Money Machine Buys Another Ad

P.S. Whoever's dropping money on Bully Bill Donohue and the Catholic League really, really wants that false message about the Catholic abuse crisis (all about gay priests misbehaving) to get out to the public.  Bully Bill's boasting today that the Times ad received such an "overwhelming" response that he intends to run it on Sunday in the Chicago Tribune.  

He's claiming that "donations and surprise gifts" in response to the Times ad make this possible.

Translation: we're now in the second phase of our carefully planned image management scheme, which is being funded behind the scenes by Mr. Deep Pockets X and Mr. Deep Pockets Y.  Whose identity we will never disclose to you, since we don't have to do so, as a "faith-based" non-profit.

The Times ad cost, I'm hearing $53,000.  The Tribune ad will cost $$$$$?

And where is that money coming from?  Who has fronted the money for these ads from the outset?  This second one is surely not being paid for by the "donations and surprise gifts" that Bully Bill wants us to imagine are paying for the ad.

And why do Mr. Deep Pockets X and Y want this specific misleading message to get out into the public and to keep alive the gay-priests-as-problem meme?  Why right now?

Wouldn't have anything to do with Philadelphia and the latest audit and its finding that Philadelphia is in full compliance with the 2002 norms, would it?  Naw.  Not a chance of it.  

It's just pure coincidence that Bully Bill released the Times ad on the same day the audit came out. And it's just pure coincidence that the ads are coming out in leading newspapers in the cities in which the current and immediate past president of the U.S. Catholic Bishops' Conference live.

(And do Mr. Deep Pockets X and Mr. Deep Pockets Y and Mr. Donohue contribute equal amounts to bring healing to those who live with the effects of childhood sexual abuse by clerics?  If not, how do they read the gospels and live with themselves?)

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