Saturday, April 2, 2011

Heartwarming Irish Video against Bullying of Gay Youths

A heartwarming video that will begin airing on Irish television this coming week, to educate against bullying of gay youth.  The video and anti-bullying campaign are sponsored by the group BeLonGTo Youth Services, whose mission statement says,

We believe that LGBT young people need to be respected and cared for on the same basis as all other young people, and that when they are safe and supported in their families, schools & society they will thrive as healthy and equal citizens.

As a nation, Ireland, a traditionally and heavily Catholic country, is far, far ahead of the United States (with our preposterous belief* that we are God's city on a hill uniquely blessed by God) in respecting the human rights of LGBT persons.

Maybe one day we Americans will begin to understand what human rights are all about.  Just a little bit.

H/t to snicks at AfterElton, who credits Joe.My.God for information about this video.

*A preposterous belief that leads to this horror, which in turn elicits this horror, against which Dom Hélder Câmara warned us when he wrote about how one act of violence leads to another in a spiral of never-ending violence.   Sound spiritual insight to which we, a nation with the soul of a church, seem strangely unwilling to listen . . . .

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