Monday, April 18, 2011

Gay Marriage and the Philadelphia Situation: Two Blog Recommendations

And as a p.s. to my posting earlier today about what happened in Maine in 2009, I'd like to take note of a valuable compendium of resources that blogger Terry Denson of the Theology Degrees website sent to me recently.  It's a gathering of what are, in Terry's view, the top 10 blog sites offering resources for those interested in promoting marriage equality.

And since I'm taking note of blogs new to me, I'd also like to mention a blog site recently launched by Susan Matthews, a Catholic living in the archdiocese of Philadelphia.  This is the Catholics4Change site, which has been set up to monitor, talk about, and address the situation in Philadelphia about which area Catholics now know from the grand jury report there.  This looks like a very valuable new contribution to the discussion of the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic church.

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