Thursday, April 28, 2011

Austen Ivereigh on the Royal Wedding: Not the Gays' Show

To all you gay folks who imagine the royal wedding (or marriage in any shape, form, or fashion) might have something to do with you, English Catholic blogger and America contributor Austen Ivereigh is here to set you straight.  Ivereigh posts today about how the Kate and Wills show is "a winning combination of elements which film-makers strive after: on the one hand, what is totally 'other.' -- a dreamy, fairy-tale setting: the marriage of a prince, the making of a princess -- with what, on the other, is universal and human: boy meets girl; they fall in love; they marry."

But please be advised  that this show is for heterosexuals only--like Ivereigh and his wife:

And as some bishops have already been pointing out, what happens tomorrow is a great tribute to the institution of marriage -- the union of a man and a woman for the purpose of creating and rearing children. There are many "alternatives" to that model around us -- same-sex unions, single parents, divorced couples -- and advocates of equality would want us to be believe they are all equally valid. But they aren't. History, research and experience all point to a stable, loving marriage between a man and a woman as the best possible environment for a child -- measured by almost any outcome.

Be forewarned, gay folks who like glamor and pageantry.  The Kate and Wills show is not for you and your kind.  It's a "tribute to the institution of marriage"--to Mr. Ivereigh's kind of marriage, that is.  

You gays can just move on and find your glam elsewhere, thank you very much--even if you might have designed a dress here, made up a bunch of posies there, arranged some hair for the spectacular event, written some majestic music or signed up to play said music at the royal wedding.  Or if you might be sitting at the altar or in the choir stalls as the ceremony takes place.

No gays need apply.  Not your show.

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