Monday, April 4, 2011

Cardinal Burke and Fr. Andrew Hamilton: Defining Catholic Identity for 21st Century (2)

To reiterate what I said at the end of the posting I've just uploaded: though Cardinal Burke and the gentlemen of the cloth who now control the Catholic church tell us that departing from them and their teaching will cause us to lose our access to salvation, to many of us (and our numbers are constantly increasing), it appears precisely the opposite: the only way to save our souls is to distance ourselves from the "Catholic" claims of Cardinal Burke and those in his camp.

Because there's Cardinal Burke and that fabulous by-invitation-only charity ball with its fabulous menu ("Una festa Venezina" Hearth Baked Breads, tapenade of sun-dried tomatoes and olives, sweet cream butter; "Primo Piatto" Seared sea scallop with Truffle oil, lemon herb marinated shrimp, gorgonzola cheese, radicchio 'gondola' with romaine lettuce, arugula sun-dried cranberries, peppered walnuts with balsamic honey vinaigrette; "Sorbetto" Honeydew opal basil sorbet with sugared grape; "Secondo Piatto" Filet mignon with crimini mushroom ragout, petite osso bucco, polenta fontina, green beans, roasted red pepper, baby carrot; "Dolce" Cappucinio hazelnut torta, mocha ganache, marscapone, frangelico sauce, fresh berries with coffee and/or tea):

And then there's Jesus:

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