Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Joe Feuerherd on Cuccinelli: What Would Jesus Pack?

It appears that Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli is on more radar screens than one today.  I've just noticed that Joe Feuerherd has published a brief piece about Cuccinelli at National Catholic Reporter today, noting that Cuccinelli is defending the right of Virginians to carry six-shooters to Mass.  Feuerherd also summarizes Cuccinelli's controversial record since he became attorney general, noting a number of the points I mentioned in my previous posting about Cuccinelli today.  

In an interview last fall with Dan Borowski of the Arlington Catholic Herald, Cuccinelli credits his Catholic faith with shaping his views as attorney general.  Which makes his willingness to spearhead an attack on a federal health care plan that makes at least some provision for the health care needs of those at the bottom of society perplexing.  As is his defense of Arizona laws targeting immigrants.  And his challenge to federal attempts to mandate more fuel efficiency for vehicles in order to curb pollution.  And his support for legislation to revoke the citizenship rights of children of immigrants born in the U.S.  And his claim that the U.S. is a "natural-law based" country in which laws should target those who are gay, because "homosexuality is wrong."

Catholic values in action, Cuccinelli maintains.  And as I said earlier, if this is what the Catholic church stands for, I want to put as much distance as possible between myself and the mean machine the Catholic church has become at this point in history. 

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