Sunday, April 10, 2011

Friday Again, Corapi Again: Greg Kandra Updates Corapi Story

And speaking of Lent, and Sunday, and the constant rhythm of sublime to ridiculous and back again in human life and the journey of faith: Greg Kandra's Deacon's Bench blog updates the Corapi story at a posting this past Friday entitled, "Another Friday, Another Corapi Update."

The update: Corapi has posted yet another zingy statement on his blog site, and--well, please read for yourself.  And note the two important updates Kandra appends to his posting.  And his statement that he's had to close the thread for the posting, because, as he says, have a look at the kinds of things the faithful are posting:

It's about obeying the bishops.  When it's not.  And it's not if a big-name rock-star priest leading what more and more seems tantamount to a cult is involved.  And when the rock-star leader's lucrative income from a cottage industry is at stake.

As I've said before, as with the Euteneuer story, it fascinates me to see Catholics who are far more invested in the church at an institutional level than I've been permitted to be, and in its conservative wing, at that, driving these stories about rogue priests behaving badly.   And taking heat from other conservative Catholics for daring to write about these matters.

And as I've also said before, it's baffling that Corapi just doesn't shut up, if he wants this mess to be resolved and his name cleared in due course--since he continues to maintain his innocence.

What these stories--and our reactions to them--say about us as American Catholics, as a national Catholic church, is also fascinating.  And more than a little disturbing.

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