Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Archbishop of Miami Thomas Wenski Has Himself Depicted in Cathedral Window Commemorating Crucifixion

I wonder what all the cheerleaders for the new archbishop of Miami, Thomas Wenski, will make of this news: Wenski has had himself included in a stained-glass window of the crucifixion in the renovated cathedral at Orlando.

While it's true that there's historical precedent for this kind of thing, I'm not aware of many--or any, for that matter--sitting bishops in the U.S. right now who have had the . . . chutzpah . . . to have themselves painted into iconographic scenes like this.  And the crucifixion, no less.  Where the only male follower of Jesus who followed him to the cross, we're told by the gospels, was John the beloved apostle.  But where the female disciples remained with Jesus (though this stained-glass window wouldn't remind us of that.)

Wenski as John the Evangelist: somehow, I'm having a bit of trouble picturing St. John on a hog.

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