Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ellen Degeneres Continues to Combat School Bullying, Invites Teen Graeme Taylor to Her Show

I've mentioned a number of times here that I record and watch Ellen Degeneres's show while I slog away at my treadmill each day.  Today, I watched her show from this past Friday.

And since I blogged recently about an inspiring young gay teen in Michigan, Graeme Taylor, who gave powerful witness at a school board meeting a few days back, I want to note that Ellen announced on her Friday show that she'll have Graeme Taylor on her show next Monday.

Ellen deserves strong credit for all she's doing to push back against bullying of gay and lesbian teens.  She's one of those elder-mentors who has opened doors and given back to the LGBT community in significant ways.  I'm looking forward to hearing what Graeme Taylor has to say on her show next Monday.

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