Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Bottom Line to Catholic Centrists: Stop Playing Political Games with Gay Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Bottom line for American Catholic centrists:  you need to stop treating brothers and sisters in Christ as you're treating those of us who are gay.

What you keep dismissing as a political agenda is a group of human beings talking about our lives.  About our experience in the world and the church.  

About our lived experience of faith, our graced experience as brothers and sisters in Christ.

The game you're playing when you dismiss our testimony regarding our human lives and our lived experience of grace is one that objectifies and marginalizes us, by viewing yourselves as authentic spokespersons for Catholicism and us as inimical outsiders.

This demeaning, objectifying, marginalizing treatment of a group of brothers and sisters in Christ is unworthy of those who authentically represent Catholicism.  You would not do this to other groups seeking a hearing in the church, and reporting on their unjust exclusion from the body of Christ.

Why do you imagine you have a right to do that to your brothers and sisters who happen to be gay?

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