Wednesday, November 3, 2010

David Brooks on the Party of Modesty and Caution (Yes, the Ones Who Now Control the House)

David Brooks has written some damned foolish lines over the years, in his ongoing attempt to soft-sell hardline draconian neocon values as kinder, gentler heartland American values.  But this op-ed piece takes the cake.

All those Republicans who swept to office last night in a tidal wave of misplaced anger and ignorance are "sober" and "modest and cautious"?!  Their goal is to govern with modesty and humility, knowing that their way may not be the only way or the right way?  It was modesty, caution, and sobriety that brought these folks into office last night?

Was Brooks even listening to the campaign speeches?  Has he been listening at all for the years in which Mr. Obama has been in office?

How will he soft-sell the "modest and cautious" politics of gridlock the Republicans intend to usher in now that they have control of the House, I wonder?  And how does he intend to spin the even more adamant no that the party of no will now have effective power to speak with control of the House floor, as it shuts government down?

We haven't seen anything yet.  And what we're about to see at our federal level will be anything but the sobriety, modesty, and caution about which this fatuous spinmeister is dreaming, as he spins, spins, spins his fantasies and expects us to swallow them with our eyes closed.

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